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Welcome to ani_dolltest, a community for dollers who love anime, manga, video games and cartoons.


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General Rules:

  • There will be one contest a week.
  • To enter a contest, you must have voted for at least 2 weeks.
  • Contests will change between base or theme, whatever we feel like.
  • You may only submit icons that are from a specific Anime/Manga/Game/Cartoon, OCs are NOT allowed.
  • All levels of experiance can enter, the more you make dolls, the better you become!
  • All comments will be screened.

Submission Rules

  • You cannot use a doll you have made before the contest. Only fresh dolls allowed.
  • You have a week to make your doll, then submissions will be closed.
  • If you do not win, don't whine about it. Try again next time.
  • All submissions must be posted on the submissions post.
  • You must post your doll in your comment using the <*img src="dollURLhere.gif"> format. [Take out the stars].
  • If you win, you may take your banner and save it to your own server which means right click, save as to desktop. Abuse of this will result in banning.
  • All dolls not pertaining to the theme will be disqualified.

Submissions should look like this:
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(that's it, simple...ne?)

Voting Rules