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Let's it Started Now!!

This community cannot die! I miss these doll contests. Its not the same without them. I hope that Karen and Liz don't mind that I'll start the first contest.

For this to work, we would need AT LEAST 5 entries. Or if you like, you can summit 2 entries since this is a really small community. If not, I'll keep on prosponing and believing that this community is dead lol. you don't want that huh??

FIRST ROUND: ................TA-DA!! Disney Movie Characters
(haha Liz and Karen...i know i know. but i called for first round!)

~Please follow these rules on how to submit your doll:: RULES
~You must follow the topic:: No Disney Channel characters, Live Action DISNEY movies are allowed.
~Movies like Swan Princess, Anastasia, Fernguily, Shrek are NOT Disney Movies.
~Nightmare Before Christmas IS a Disney Movie.
~Submissions will CLOSE next Saturday @ 9 Eastern Time

SUBMISSION SAMPLE (and say what movie is it from)

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