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Week 2

Time for week 2! Apologies for lateness. *mauled*

Since summer is approaching, your theme for this week is:


Because orange is summer-ish, right? *shot*

You may interpret this however you like. An orange outfit, orange hair, orange skin. Heck, even an orange hair tie, so long as the orange is CLEARLY noticeable.

Rules are in the profile. In case you've forgotten, here's a refresher:

You cannot use a doll you have made before the contest. Only fresh dolls allowed.
You have a week to make your doll, then submissions will be closed.
If you do not win, don't whine about it. Try again next time.
All submissions must be posted on the submissions post.
You must post your doll in your comment using the <*img src="dollURLhere.gif"> format. [Take out the stars].
If you win, you may take your banner and save it to your own server which means right click, save as to desktop. Abuse of this will result in banning.
All dolls not pertaining to the theme will be disqualified.

Submissions should look as follows:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

That's all! Be sure to post this community around a bit, so we get some more members ;P We'll need at least 5 dolls before voting will be posted. If there are not 5 dolls entered within a week, it will be extended. You can enter up to 2 dolls.
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